Friday, May 20, 2016

March 7- 11th Mostly Kittens and Kindy Club

Oh my goodness these 6 are so darling. They are almost 2 weeks old already.  We are having discussions about what we should name them.  We all agree that it should be sort of a theme.  Some ideas that have been thrown around are Harry Potter Character names, Hunger Games character names, Different types of trees, sounds etc.

Kindy Club!  All the incoming kindergarteners are invited to the school to have pizza and milk and go to different stations with the kindergarten teachers.  They colored a bear hat, made patterns with bears, and learned a song about bears.  They got to bring home a pencil box and crayons.  Dantley thought it was the best thing ever.

I have been super tired lately and haven't felt quite right, so I decided to go to the doctor for my yearly physical.  My apt. was on March 8 and my bloodworm came back that my liver enzymes were high, so they had me do more bloodworm and then go back in for an ultrasound on March 14th.  During the ultrasound, they found a lump in my liver.  They said they thought it was a hepatic hemangioma, and that if it was it was harmless. But to make sure they wanted to set an apt for a CT scan.  I went in on March 25th for the CT scan.  I was really nervous and anxious waiting the whole time to find out what was going on.  I had to drink a whole bunch of horrible stuff that gave me diarrhea before the scan and then they put an IV in and put whatever it is that causes the contrast in the blood.  I was nervous about that too because I am so overly paranoid about having a reaction to things, and it feels really weird when it shoots through your blood stream.  Luckily it all went well and the results were that the lesion is benign.  I still don't know why my liver enzymes are testing high, or why I have been so tired.  I think I am supposed to get more blood work in a month or so.

Dantley wanted to pretend we were asleep and take a pic

Thurston's artwork

We finally came to a decision on kitten names.  Since their mother's name is Willow, we decided that they all could be called different types of trees.  We made a giant list of different trees and then voted on the top 6.  We also found a cool tree called a baobab tree that grows in Madagascar and decided that we need to go see one in real life some time.  It didn't make the top 6 for a kitten name though.