Saturday, February 28, 2015

Misc. photos

I have let myself get so far behind with the blog that it is daunting to try and catch up.
These photos are not in chronological order nor do they really make sense going in the same post -- but I want to include them and this feels like the only way I can handle right now.  

2/28/15 - Yes we have flowers in February and a day or so after I took this photo I mowed the lawn!  It has been unusually sunny and warm for February this year.  Which is quite enjoyable, but I hear it means that there will be tons of bugs in a few months.

Tamsyn asked me to take pictures of this -- so I did.  

This made me laugh… brownie pan on the counter crumbs all over the floor.  The culprit obviously needed a stool to reach.

I noticed that I have a ganglian cyst on my hand -- thought I'd document it so I can know how long it lasts if it does go away on its own.

January has been nothing but foggy almost every day.  I took a picture of our house in the morning after dropping the kids off at school (above), then another one in the afternoon on the same day after the fog lifted (below).

Thurston got this volcano kit as a gift for Christmas and Jake helped him put it together. First they had to paper mache the shape of the volcano and then the next day they painted it and made it go off.  The going off part was pretty much a let down, but the anticipation of an explosion was pretty exciting.

Just a typical family scriptures session

Tasha had to get these 4 teeth pulled.  Her mouth is pretty small and with her braces they needed to make room for the other teeth to slide to the right places.  She is definitely a trooper though.  She didn't really even complain, took charge of taking her own medicine and most people wouldn't even have known she had 4 huge holes in her mouth.

2/21/15 - Just a pretty view from our driveway of the sun coming through the trees as the fog was lifting creating some pretty cool rays.

2/19/15- No big fuss for our anniversary on the actual date this year -- but to celebrate we will be going to some March Madness tournament games in Portland!  I'm pretty excited.

January - February Basketball

Three kids playing basketball at once is a lot to juggle.  Luckily Tasha only had practices on Fridays and Tamsyn and Thurston practiced at the same time one of their two times a week.

Thurston played up (meaning he played in the 3rd/4th grade league).  He was usually the smallest on the court, but he is a good ball handler and played the point guard for his team.  He scored in most games and is a great passer for his age.  He is quite fun to watch.
1/17/15  He is number 4 on defense in this photo.


One of Tasha's last tournaments.  She was new to this team who has been playing together for quite a while so she definitely lacked confidence.  It was a good experience for her, but hopefully we can plan to get an all La Center team together to give her and the other La Center guard some leadership opportunity.

These pictures grandma Alyce took while Jake and I were in NYC for Toy Fair.  2-14
Cory Allen coached Tamsyn's team for me while I was gone. Alyce sent me a text during the game that said "Tamsyn just dribbled the length of the gym and made a layup!"  She also sent me one after Thurston's game -- "Thurston scored the only two baskets."

When the season started I was very concerned about my team.  Only a couple of girls had ever played before (one of them Tamsyn) and I knew the other La Center team had mostly girls who had played together for 3 years.  I was afraid we were going to get blown out every game.  Luckily I think we really only got blown out once and the rest of the games were either close or we would have won if the score had been kept.  The girls came a long way and learned a lot and I ended up having a lot of fun working with them and seeing them progress.
Feruary 28th - day of the last game
Savannah made me this super cute candy bar card at the end of the season.  I don't like to worry about having a party or trophies so we just gathered after the last game.  Meagan (Hazel's mom) had picked up water bottles at the dollar store and put the girls names on them and I put starbursts in them for each girl (their team name was Starbursts).

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mongolian New Year

Saturday 2/21/15 - Jakes friend Bayra who lives in Portland with her family invited us over to celebrate Mongolian New Year.  She made an amazing Mongolian dinner.  Jake and the kids dressed up in Mongolian clothes. It was an amazing spread and we learned that Natasha loves Buuz (bodes).  She ate 13.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

While We Were Away

Photos Alyce took while Jake and I were in NYC for Toy Fair.

I really need to have her tell me all of the things they did, because these are just a few.  She kept them super busy and they had lots of fun.

Making decorations and hula skirts in preparation for our trip to Hawaii coming up over spring break.