Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29-30th Activity Day Camp

My calling is currently Activity Days leader and I was asked to be our ward representative for the stake Actvity Day camp this year.

I attended and helped two young women from our ward run one of the stations for both days.  They taught about service and helped the girls make babysitting kits.

My sister Ashlee and her family just arrived for a visit, so her daughter Azurdey attended the camp with Tamsyn.

This is our ward girls coming through our station.
back row -Jocelyn Darienzo, Anna Scrivens, Azurdey, Tamsyn
front row - Amy Wise (parent leader),  Deonna Grove, Angelia Grove, Chloe Powers, Hannah Macho, Talia Wise, Hailee Powers and her friend
YW Leaders - Emily Graham and Emma Macho

During lunch they did different camp songs.  Tamsyn showed that she wasn't shy and convinced Azurdey to go up with her to lead one.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 27-28 - PNA Junior Olympic Championships in Seattle

We made a quick trip up to Seattle so that Tamsyn and Natasha could run in the Junior Olympic track championships.  We stayed with the Russells in Maple Valley.

Tasha ran the 1500 meters and the 3000, and Tamsyn ran the 3000.  They are both young in their age groups, so if they run next year they will still be in the same age group that they were this year.  It was amazing to see how fast some of these girls are.  Natasha's friend Lauren Tyler and her dad Aaron came one of the days to watch Tasha run and cheer her on.

A quick shot of Dantley playing with Everett at the Russell's house.

Tamsyn placed high enough in the 3000 meters to qualify for the regional meet.

Tasha didn't qualify for the next meet, but ran well and it was a great learning experience for her.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015 Little Gardener

Tamsyn has been such a great help with the garden this year.  She asked if she could get watermelon starts and take care of them and she has been doing a great job with them.  She also is very reliable when it comes to watering all of the bushes and fruit trees.  I absolutely love that she loves to be out there.  It helps me so much and makes her happy too.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24, 2015 Book Mark Contest Winners

Tamsyn won her age group in the library book mark contest, so her entry went on to the regional level. It didn't win there, but the La Center Library liked it so much they asked her if they could use it for their Facebook page picture.

Natasha's entry got an honorable mention.
Booth girls got their entries back in a frame from the library.

I can't remember if I posted a picture of their entries earlier when they finished them -- if I didn't I should add that here------------

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 Soccer Camp Out

Natasha's new team wanted to do some sort of campout as a bonding experience, so we said they could do it at our house.  We had a cook out by the fire and the girls set up their tents in the front.  They were pretty good for the most part (besides when Quinn decided to do a flip on the trampoline in the dark after they were supposed to be in bed… pretty sure she broke her nose.  I brought her in the house and had her ice it)

June 23
All quiet in the tents -- they must have stayed up late

Saturday, June 20, 2015

U.S. Open Chambers Bay June 16-20

One of the main reasons that my parents and the Durtsche's came out to our house was so that they could go to the U.S. Open.  Jake got tickets and we rotated who went on different days.

6/16/15 - This was a practice round and we were planning on taking the kids -- but the only one who ended up wanting to go was Dantley.  It was fun to walk around and see the different pros trying out the course.  I was hoping to see Tiger Woods, but he wasn't out on the course at all while we were there.  Since Dantley was a good sport and came, we bought him a sweatshirt there.

6/20/15 - Jake and I went with my mom and dad and walked a bit, but mostly sat and watched people come in and golf the 9th hole.  It was hot, there were rude guys sitting behind us who dad and Jake simultaneously asked to please stop swearing, and I decided that I was glad I came but didn't feel the need to go to another one.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Durtsche Visit - June 15 -21st

Teri and Sydnee flew in on June 14th and Justin drove with the other two girls and their dog cake.



Mom and dad arrived on the 17th

6/18/15 - Lake day

The kids built this teepee fort out of driftwood (well mostly Natasha and Sydnee) -- we had them take it down before we left so it wouldn't fall on anyone later and be our fault.

6/19/15 - Strawberry picking in the morning...

Ape Caves in the afternoon...

Mt. St. Helens viewpoint early evening...

And a bunch of grumpy kids in the car on the ride back home!