Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29-30th Activity Day Camp

My calling is currently Activity Days leader and I was asked to be our ward representative for the stake Actvity Day camp this year.

I attended and helped two young women from our ward run one of the stations for both days.  They taught about service and helped the girls make babysitting kits.

My sister Ashlee and her family just arrived for a visit, so her daughter Azurdey attended the camp with Tamsyn.

This is our ward girls coming through our station.
back row -Jocelyn Darienzo, Anna Scrivens, Azurdey, Tamsyn
front row - Amy Wise (parent leader),  Deonna Grove, Angelia Grove, Chloe Powers, Hannah Macho, Talia Wise, Hailee Powers and her friend
YW Leaders - Emily Graham and Emma Macho

During lunch they did different camp songs.  Tamsyn showed that she wasn't shy and convinced Azurdey to go up with her to lead one.

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