Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 28- July 5th Burton Visit

6/29/15 - Tadpoles and frogs oh my!  These two would be outside together all day all the time if they could.

Cook out and smore's

7/1 Ape Caves

Since we had just been there the week before with Teri, we decided to try the "difficult" way through the ape caves.  It definitely was a lot harder, but more fun.  There were piles of big boulders we needed to climb over and one spot that was a wall that needed scaled (or someone to boost you up on).

One group we met along the way had a girl who refused to climb up the difficult part and they had to turn around, but they asked Ashlee if their son could finish the rest of the way with us.  He tagged along and talked quite a bit.  Once we left the cave, he waited and hiked down with us.  I felt a bit sorry for him when he fell down hard and hit some rocks in front of all our teenage girls.  He held in the crying pretty well until he saw his dad a bit later and then just burst into tears.

We weren't very successful finding a good place to take a photo of Mt. St. Helens and we didn't want to drive as far as we had with Teri --- so this is what we got.

We stopped for just a bit on the drive down to cool off in the lake.

7/2/15 - Horseshoe Lake

7/3/15 - Portland Japanese Gardens

Portland Rose Gardens

7/4/15 - We got up and all went and ran the Ridgefield 5k on the 4th.

Karlee got 3rd and Tasha got 1st in their age division (10-14)

Natasha was 11th overall and the 3rd woman overall.  Her time was 21:59 (7:06 pace).
Lexi Rutherford was 2nd in their age group with a time of 22:38
Karlee ran a 23:42.  She was the 6th female overall.
Tamsyn was also in this age group.  She was 6th with a time of 25:47 (8:19 pace).  She was the 14th female finisher.
Allie ran a 29:54 and was 9th in this age group and th 35th female overall.

Kyle ran a 26:41 and was in the 15-19 age group.  He was 9th in his age and 37th male overall.

Thurston was 3rd in his age group 5-9 boys.  He ran 27:52 (8:59 pace) and was the 42nd male overall.
Dantley was 1st in his age group (0-5 -- but they didn't have awards for that age, so they just called him up because he was the youngest and someone pointed that out to the organizers).  He ran a time of 31:33 (10:11pace) and was the 61st male overall.

Talon ran too and came in between Thurston and Dantley, Azurdey came in behind Dantley -- but we didn't have a race entry numbers for them because we only got so many due to the cost.  The adults all ran with different kids and none of us were official entries.

After the race we celebrated Azurdey's 10th birthday.  Ashlee made this awesome fire pit cake.

 The kids actually tried roasting mini marshmallows once the candles were lit.

In the afternoon we took a ride out to the Cedar Creek Grist Mill and took some pictures.

Then of course we ended the day with fireworks.

Pretty sure that not long after this picture was taken Dantley stepped on a sparkler that was still smoldering and started screaming his head off.  We had told him he should go put shoes on.  I guess he'll believe us in the future.

The Burton's headed for home the next day.  This was the first time they have been able to come out and visit us since we moved to Woodland.  Sure hope they can come again sometime soon.

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