Monday, July 13, 2015

9/13/15 Flanagan Clan Picnic

We attended the end of season Flanagan Clan Picnic at Bruce Flanagan's house in Woodland.  He has been coaching girls track for a really long time.  "In 1963 Bruce Flanagan was a young physical education teacher at the elementary school in Woodland when he formed the Flanagan Clan Girls Track Club."  Fifty two years later and he is still coaching.  

Natasha only ran in one meet with the Flanagan Clan because she was doing school track, so she wasn't very high on the point scorer list, but it definitely was worth the experience she gained racing against some very fast very experienced runners.

Tamsyn got a special award for outstanding improvement because she took so much time off of her 3000 meter run.  She also did pretty well for the team scoring points all season.  She moans and groans and complains and makes grumpy faces at practice but that doesn't stop her from working hard and finishing tough workouts that help her improve.

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