Tuesday, August 9, 2016

May 7, 2016 Baseball Day

I guess T-ball is pretty self explanatory.  Dantley is a strong athlete, but not super aggressive.  If the ball is somewhere near him and his team swarms he just looks at them.  If it comes right to him, he will pick it up.  He can hit quite well and doesn't really need the Tee, as he can hit it off of a coach pitch.

His head coach has been great.  He is really good with the kids and they have fun.  There was some drama with one of the assistant coaches.  Luckily the day it happened we weren't at practice.  It is so crazy how little things can get so out of proportion when it comes to kids sports.  A week or so ago a mom brought doughnuts for the after game snack.  I guess that had made the assistant coach's wife mad and she told her husband to deal with it, and somehow he went overboard and was asked to leave and not come back.

The situation with Thurston hasn't been so positive.  The coach isn't very good about building the kids' confidence or allowing the younger kids playing time. It is frustrating to many of the parents and may cause many of these boys not to want to play baseball next year.

That night we met Jeff and Kelli at a Thai restaurant to celebrate Jake's birthday.  It was good to see them and catch up.