Friday, July 17, 2015

Getting Ready for the Renton Art Show 7/8-7/17

After missing the Renton Art show last year we decided that it was worth the drive and that this year we weren't going to miss it.  I normally try to enter a piece but didn't get working on it soon enough, so only the kids entered this year. 7/8/15

7/15/15 Tasha did a watercolor with the moon and an angel, as well as a print with a turtle that she carved out of a lino-block.

Tamsyn did an acrylic of a flamingo mom and baby

Dantley did a watercolor background with a black dolphin cut out

Thurston did a collage background with all different languages and then painted the earth and the moon in watercolor and attached it.

7/17/15 - Tamsyn's second piece was a watercolor background with a collage of the Seattle skyline with a cat and then all the green trees were made up of cat shapes she drew and cut out.