Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nov 13-19

These signs went up around our "neighborhood" on November 8th.  I took a picture of the one near our mailbox because I wanted to remember the number and call it right away.  We called so fast that they originally told us they still didn't have internet in our area, but would in a few days and would call us back.  We made an appointment as soon as we could.  Being able to have unlimited internet would change things a lot at our house.  We never can watch youtube videos or any video for that matter and we usually run out of internet before the end of the month, especially when visitors come. Unlimited internet would mean no more getting up early just to upload pictures to my blog!

Besides the exciting news of possible internet, the gift card for the Goodwill Halloween costume contest came in the mail.  I will save it and use it next Halloween for whatever costumes we decide to do next year.

Nov 13 -This sunset looked way better in real life -- the light hits so beautifully on the tops of the trees in the evening around here (that is when the rainclouds aren't blocking it)

Nov 14 - We have had the weirdest weather.  Walking passed the garden I noticed we have several rows of volunteer peas coming up.  I'm sure it will get too cold for them to last, but it is crazy to me that they are growing at all!

Basketball started today as well -- we have 3 days of tryouts and then split the JV and Varsity.  Quite a few of the girls who signed up didn't come to practice, so we only ended up with 17 players.

Nov 15
This week Deonna Grove stayed with us while her parents were celebrating their anniversary in Hawaii.  It is so nice to have her around.  She doesn't cause in ripples and when she is here the kids spend more time up at the gym!  They were even going up in the mornings before school.

Nov 16 - Dantley lost his very first tooth.  He is a little bit overdramatic sometimes and acted like he was in sever pain, even when I was only close to touching it.  It was SO loose I finally convinced him (well, bribe might be the better word), that it would be over quickly and if he just let me pull it out I'd take him to pick out his own carton of ice-cream.  Ice cream wins around here quite frequently.  He picked out a carton of Tillamook Cookies & Cream.

Nov 18th - I taught a pointillism lesson in Thurston's class. They did a background that went from a solid color to a very light tint of that color and then did a separate bird with markers (still using the pointillism technique), that they cut out and put on the background.

Saturday, Nov 19 - This morning after basketball practice was over I went to the Bingham's house to do a family photo shoot.  It went pretty well.

After the photo shoot Jake and I went to Thurston's Hotshots game.  It is a strange situation this year. His coach doesn't have any kids playing and it seems like he is only coaching because they couldn't find anyone willing to do it.  He has lots of experience with hotshots but for some odd reason he teaches the boys to "guard an area" and then pick up a man who comes in it.  To me and Jake this seems like a zone defense (which is illegal at this age in hotshots), but when we ask him about it he claims it isn't a zone.  Overall Thurston's team doesn't like to listen and they waste a ton of time.  Thurston does well, listens and passes the ball to his teammates (but this is definitely not a team we want to have him on in the future).

Dantley's second tooth came out (with a little help from me) tonight.  He was a lot less worried about how much it would hurt this time.

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