Monday, December 12, 2016

November 26-27 Christmas Sweater Pics

Nov 26 - Today the LCHS girls basketball teams went to the Battleground Jamboree.  Both teams played Hockinson and Ridgefield.  We only played 10 minute, partial games.   The JV started out pretty bad and couldn't seem to break Hockinson's press or get the ball to go through the hoop.  I think the score at the end of the 10 minutes was 2-11 or something.  The varsity girls handily won both of their short games.  We (the JV) did much better once our jitters were out against Ridgefield.  We won that one.

Jake took Tamsyn to a convert that the middle school choirs were participating in in Vancouver.

I took some pictures of her for our family Christmas card since she had dressed up in her Christmas sweater.

November 27
After church I had all the kids put their Christmas Sweaters on and we took individuals and family shots.

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Carola said...

Such a great looking bunch!