Monday, January 9, 2017

Nov 28th - 30th

November 28 - Ashlee texted me these photos of the kids in her class playing with Flipzles during their free choice play time.  She says they love them :)

Nov 29th - We had our first game of the season against Kalama.  Kalama has a really good varsity team.  Last year they got 4th at state in 1A.  But they are shrinking, so this year they were moved down to 1B.  It was my first time coaching an entire JV game.  I was a bit nervous, but was happy with the outcome.  We won 34-20.  The varsity girls had a pretty intense game, but also won 65-62.

Nov 30 - Wednesday
This was about the only day we had with a free evening for several weeks, so we decided we'd better use it to put up the Christmas tree.

We listened to Christmas music while we decorated and Tasha had the idea to put different decorations on all the window sills.  It looks great and I think we will do that every year.

I got our Christmas cards at Costco this year.  I usually try to do something a little more unique, but with basketball this year I didn't really feel like devoting that much time to it.

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Carola said...

So fun to see Ashlee's students loving your puzzles!
I like the decorations in the windows also, and your pretty tree.