Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dec 16 - Tamsyn's Birthday

Tamsyn is 12!
She is a super intelligent, sweet, cat loving, creative, caring, fast running, little plant and animal enthusiast.

Tamsyn wanted a peppermint ice-cream cake.  I made brownie layers to go below and on top of the ice-cream, and bought peppermint oreos to put as a layer in between as well and a center of fudge.  I then used chocolate shell ice cream topping to get the hard chocolate surface on top.  It was super tasty and turned out pretty cute too.

Tamsyn asked for wax to use for sculptures of Chrismas, so we decided to get her sculpey - modeling clay that you bake.  She has made lots of really cute things with it already.

She got money and cards from Grandma and Grandpa Hyde, and Helen and Hy and got this painted rock and money for savings from Grandma Alyce and Grandpa Bill.  Thurston gave her a scratch sketchbook he picked out at the school holiday shop.

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