Monday, January 16, 2017

December 2 - 8

Our ward party was on December 2nd.  Thurston had a hotshots game at the same time, so he and Jake went to that.  Dantley told me he had to wear white, but I didn't really pay attention to him.  He found a white shirt with orange sleeves and then put a a Christmas sweater on over it.  Tamsyn had a part reading the Christmas story but I didn't realize that the primary kids were supposed to be there early.  We got there just as they started and they barely let Dantley join the angels -- after making him take off his Christmas sweater, they stuck him in the back with his orange sleeves.  I felt bad, because I didn't realize or I would have had him in a church shirt.  Tamsyn got there just in time to replace her replacement.  So she got to read after all.  I guess I should pay more attention to primary announcements so I know what is going on.

There was this cute little girl with the angels that kept putting her mouth right up on the microphone during songs and even in between.  It was pretty adorable.

Some of the youth eating cream puffs during the primary program.  I think Natasha ate 10!

Calvin's band played a few Christmas songs and Lauryn Powers sang with them.

The kids getting their pictures with Santa.  Brother Sasse

Santa looks like he's had enough of the teenagers... Here take your candy cane...

Dec 3 - I only did one bazaar this Christmas season.  The La Center Holiday Bazaar.  It worked with my basketball schedule because we couldn't have practice with the gym closed off for the bazaar. I did better this year at it than I have any other year.  Tasha had to come and help set up for band because the bazaar is put on by the music department as a fundraiser.  Tamsyn's choir came and sang and Tasha's band played as well.  I snuck out for a second, but couldn't really watch either of them perform.

Dec 6 - Today was picture day for basketball.  It took most of our practice time.

Dec 7- I met up with Kristin Wilson Pratt for breakfast on our shared birthday.  We ate at the Bleu Door in Vancouver.  Jake brought Pizza home for dinner after basketball practice and then we headed to Natasha's band concert at the High School

We had angel food cake and strawberries for dessert.

My gift was supposed to be the gas fireplace getting fixed.  Jake had set up appointments with the gas company and the fireplace company to come out the following week.  It turned out that our large gas tank that hasn't been hooked up since before we moved in is in a location against code and that it would need to be moved away from the house and we'd have to bury the line etc.  So -- we didn't have the fireplace guys come since we couldn't have things ready and now we aren't sure if it is worth it anyway.  We are considering getting a pellet stove instead, but aren't sure that will work either.

Tamsyn picked this book out for me.  I love the illustrator and she knew it.

Dec 8
School was cancelled because it was supposed to start snowing hard .... Dantley got up and got dressed for it and went outside patiently awaiting the first snow of the year.  He looked so cute out on the porch blowing bubbles I couldn't resist taking pictures.

Evidence of the cold weather...

And since he was out there he helped get the garbage cans that had blown around in the night.

It did snow... but as we would find out in weeks to come... this would only be the beginning and fairly light compared to future snow days.

Poor Dantley got his legs super scratched up sledding right into the blackberry bushes.

Tasha, Dantley and Thurston made this mini snowman on the porch railing.

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