Monday, November 23, 2015


11/2/15 - They just keep getting cuter! Quinby is the black one, Splash has the white, and Percy is the all grey with the bobtail.

Willow is a good little mama - always watching over her babies

11/5/15 - Dantley's end of soccer Pizza Party

Coach Rob and coach Olivia.

For a mutual activity we went to do service at sister Mary Kilgore's house.  She is an incredibly talented, funny, kind and spiritual lady.  She recently had surgery so we had an excuse to visit and help out.  The beehives cleaned out her kitchen cupboards for her and she put Dantley to work organizing a cabinet full of puzzles.  He was feeling very helpful and did a great job.  She then let him play on her organ and then told all of us stories about her life and some spiritual stories that she loves.

Thurston's soccer game was a bit muddy today

11/9/15 Jake went to ADSO (Dental support Organization) meeting in Orlando, Florida.  There was a dinner at Rick Workman's House -he showed them all his car collection.  Most are really rare, insanely expensive cars.


11/12/15 - My friend Brittany Burleigh flew to Portland on November 10th and stayed the night at our house before joining me for a road trip to the Utah.  She always spoils the kids and brought them the game -Exploding Kittens and some wallets for the girls and crazy squish balls for the boys.  We decided to make a girls trip out of my trip for the Salt Lake Family Christmas Show.  It was great to have someone to talk to the whole way and then we stayed at her sisters house for 3 nights while we were there.  The first night she went to spend the evening with more of her family so I decided to go see a movie.  I went to "The Martian."  The next day after setting up my booth we went to visit our friend Shalyn Nelson.  We all lived in Maple Valley at the same time and Shalyn has since moved to Kaysville, UT.  She recently had surgery on her leg so was pretty much stuck at home.  It was fun to see her.  She also leant me an extra table for my booth, so after the show we stopped by again.

Here is a quick shot of my booth -- I had a pretty successful show.  Friday and Saturday I sold a lot of puzzles, but Sunday was terrible and I barely sold any.  I spent a lot of Sunday painting nesting dolls.   Brittany and I drove to Boise on Sunday the 15th after we took down the booth.  We drove the rest of the way Monday and I dropped her off at the airport in Portland so she could fly back to San Jose where they live now.


11/17/15 - Natasha wanted to use our extra pumpkins for a Beehive activity so we decided to look and see if we could find ideas for centerpieces on Pinterest.  We saw some things that inspired us to do our own version of pumpkin turkeys.  These are the examples we made -

11/18/15 - The kittens are almost 8 weeks old so we are getting ready to find them new homes.  I took these pictures hoping to get a few to post on Craigslist.

11/19/15 - Dantley usually gets to tag along to mutual because Jake is at the church that night doing bishopric stuff as well.  He was happy that one of the other Beehive's little sisters got to stay tonight too.  This is Amy she is Ally England's little sister.

Natasha and Hannah Graham with their pumpkin turkies

Danielle Gawronski with her turkey centerpiece.

Dantley with the whole flock

Chloe Powers with hers...

Heather Glen with her fancy turkey.

11/21/15 - Some pics Jake took of the boys playing

11/22/15 - The 22nd was the day we took Quinby and Percy to meet their new family.  We found a home that wanted both of them, so we were excited about that.  We had many responses to our Craigslist post within minutes of posting it.  Splash was the most sought after, and then Percy, so we were glad we found a family to take Quinby too.

11/23/15 - The lady who got Splash couldn't meet us until Monday, so we kept him one more day.  The kids were hoping we could keep him for a few more days, and I honestly was too, but she was ready to come get him even if it meant driving clear from the other side of the river in Oregon, up to Longview and then down to Woodland to meet us.  We were all a bit sad to not have kittens in the house any longer, but happy they found good homes.

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