Saturday, October 31, 2015

Visit to the Durtsche's

10/29/15 - On our way to Denver!

10/30/15 - On the 30th we went and helped Teri decorate the church gym with some other ladies in her ward for the Halloween Party.  Then we  got partially dressed up and went to the kids costume parade at the elementary school.

After that we got more dressed up and went to the ward Halloween Party

I don't have any pictures from there, but we had chili and the kids did trunk or treat.  Teri's family (us included I guess) also won the best group costumes.

Then we headed to the Haunted Forest.  Sydnee and Natasha really wanted to do some sort of spook house and this was the closest we could come.  I guess it is supposed to be really scary.  They recommend that little kids don't go through, so I stayed out with Dantley.  He was mad he didn't get to go, but he wakes up with bad dreams enough as it is and comes and gets in our bed, so I didn't want him having nightmares for weeks afterward.

The girls took these pictures while they waited for their group to be called.

10/31/15 - We went to Charlee's soccer game in the morning and then came home and went straight to work with all the makeups and costumes.  Teri and I did everyone except for Jessica (whe did her own), so it was a huge undertaking. It was so fun to see the younger girls once they had their makeup on (especially Tamsyn) - they kept looking in the mirror and making faces.

Mark getting his Captain Hook mustache

Disney Villians 
Jake as Jafar (from Aladin)
Vicki as Madame Tremain (Cinderella's Stepmother)
Natasha as Drizella (Cinderella's stepsister)
Tamsyn as the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)
Thurston as Syndrome (The Incredibles)
Dantley as Scar (The Lion King)

Carola as Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmations)
Mark as Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
Jessica as Smee (Peter Pan)

Teri as Mother Gothel (Tangled)
Justin as Ursula (Little Mermaid)
Sydnee as Anastasia (Cinderella)
Charlee as Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
Justee as the Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Teri made her family's costumes and I made mine.  We pieced together Mark's and mom's costume with stuff we already had.  Here is what I bought at Goodwill to piece together for my costume.

This is what the bathroom looked like after.

We had such a great time!  Definitely a memorable Halloween.

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