Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cross Country

9/8/15 - La Center Jamboree - 1.5 miles. Natasha was the first girl with a time of 10:01.9 She was 7th overall. She took 6 seconds off her time at this meet last year.

9/16/15 - Trico League Cross Country Meet - 2500 Meters

Natasha got second overall for the girls at this meet.  A very fast 7th grader from Hockinson was first.
1.7Sydnee Dyer09:39Hockinson
2.8Natasha Lewis09:59La Center

9/23/15 - Trico 1A Hosted by Kalama - 1.4 Miles

1.8Natasha Lewis10:12.23La Center
2.8Joules Hope10:35.4Henkle
3.8Danica Warren10:53.53Henkle
4.8Lillian Nelson11:02.5Henkle
5.8Dacia Kasenga11:14.9Henkle
6.7Sierra Frasier11:25.66La Center

9/29/15 - Cottonwood Beach MS Invitational 3,000 meters

1.7Sydnee Dyer12:32Hockinson
2.8Natasha Lewis12:39La Center
3.7Olivia Dinnel12:46Washougal
4.7Gabby Warta13:09Washougal
5.8Jane McNeil13:17View Ridge
6.7Hannah Funkhouser13:22Trout Lake
7.8Danica Warren13:24Henkle
8.8Morgan Stinchfield13:26Washougal
9.6Wynsome Painter13:31Trout Lake
10.8Joules Hope13:34Henkle
11.7Lilease Waldron13:35View Ridge
12.8Lillian Nelson13:38Henkle
13.8Dacia Kasenga13:52Henkle
14.7Alyssa Dewey13:53View Ridge
15.7Cassie Macnab14:09Wind River
16.7Sierra Frasier14:16La Center

There was a kids race after the Middle School race and also an adult race.  If you ran, you got your name put in for a drawing for t-shirts and other prices.  All the kids ran, and I decided to hop in last minute too.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015
2A GSHL RAL/Washougal at RHS - 3000 Meters

1.7Sydnee Dyer11:59Hockinson
2.8Natasha Lewis12:19La Center
3.7Olivia Dinnel12:47Washougal
4.8Jane McNeil12:56View Ridge
5.7Gabby Warta13:07Washougal
6.7Lilease Waldron13:35View Ridge
7.7Alyssa Dewey13:37View Ridge
8.8Jasmine Shigeno13:39Hockinson
9.8Morgan Stinchfield13:41Washougal

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Black Hills, W.F. West at Centralia - 2,800 Meters 

These places are combined with boys - but these are the first 10 girls

Natasha Lewis
La Center
Jane McNeil
View Ridge
Lilease Waldron
View Ridge
Michala Lowry
Sierra Frasier
La Center
Alison Brown
La Center
Ali Silva
Tayla Blair
Kylie Sharp

1A Trico Middle School League Champs


Trevor ran out in the lead and has been having some amazing races, sadly as they came down
hill, he and another couple of boys kept running straight and missed the first turn.  It put him
back about 10 places and definitely got in his head.  After seeing that we made sure to stand
at the spot where he had missed so the girls wouldn't do it too.

1.5 Mile - Boys Middle School
1.8Dylan Beneventi8:34.25Henkle
2.8Finn Coffin8:36.7Henkle
3.8Max Thelen8:49.03Kalama
4.7Jonathan Wells9:00.65Washougal
5.7Abiy Nichols9:07.83Wind River
6.8Trevor Gunderson9:16.13La Center
7.8Nick Jenkins9:19.32View Ridge
8.8Jackson Keyser9:21.26Washougal
9.8Nathan Neil9:26.57View Ridge
10.7Wade Cox9:27.68La Center
11.8Garett Shapovalov9:31.29La Center
12.7Benny Davidson9:31.93Henkle
13.7Spencer Holm9:32.47La Center
14.8Evan Smith9:40.73La Center
1.5 Mile - Girls Middle School
1.8Natasha Lewis9:20.75La Center
2.8Joules Hope9:44.27Henkle
3.8Lillian Nelson9:45.82Henkle
4.8Katie Rathgerber9:46.98Wind River
5.7Olivia Dinnel9:55.02Washougal
6.8Dacia Kasenga9:57.97Henkle
7.8Jane McNeil9:59.31View Ridge
8.7Savanna Woody10:00.8King's Way Christian
9.7Iris Stein10:07.78Henkle
10.7Gabby Warta10:09.45Washougal
22.7Sierra Frasier11:12.28La Center
24.8Alison Brown11:17.42La Center
25.7MacKenzie Dewey11:18.31View Ridge
26.7Emily Nelson11:19.3La Center
27.8Katie Nelson11:19.96La Center

Natasha got a great start and was way out in the lead after about a half mile.  I went way out on
the course to cheer and saw when she missed a turn and ran around the wrong side of a grove
of trees.  I was sick to my stomach, I thought she might be disqualified.  Some boys on her
team saw that she had done it but were way past on the course.  They started telling her she
missed a turn and she needed to go back.  There was no way she could go back though without
adding at least a quarter mile to the race so she kept going.  Tamsyn and I went back to the spot
where she went the wrong way.  I went the way she went and Tamsyn went on the course.
It ended up being almost the exact same distance if not farther the way she ran.
So she didn't really cut off anything, just went the wrong way.  She wasn't disqualified
and ended up as the Trico Middle School League Champ.

This is the spot she went outside the trees instead of through them.

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