Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October part 2

10/13/15 - The three little kittens


With all of the extra pumpkins we have we decided we better use some for Dantley's birthday party coming up.  We decided to spray paint them yellow and make them into Minions.

10/17/15 - The kids spent hours outside digging this hole.  I think Veisha started the hole and they decided to take over.

10/21/15 - These pictures were taken at Natasha's last cross country meet.  The kids were having a great time in the tree until Dantley jumped down and ripped a giant hole in the back of his pants.  He had to spend the rest of the day with that gaping hole.

We stayed to watch the high school races, so during the races the kids kept entertained by jumping over this ditch.

Wilow looks a bit concerned in this picture.

10/22/15 - More pumpkins and Tamsyn's carrot harvest from the lower garden.  For some reason these carrots didn't grow very long.

10/23/15 - Zulily event with my puzzles in the feature picture.

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