Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Part 3

Saturday - 10/24/15 - It was a busy busy day with both the boys and Natasha having soccer games as well as it being the Stake Young Women's basketball tournament.   I was asked to coach the La Center ward team.  We only had 5 players, then we added a couple from the Alpine Heights ward because they had a huge team and were only playing about 7 of the girls.  Tasha had to leave before our last game so it was good that we could pick up a few players. Jennifer Graham took this picture and sent it to me.

School Fall Carnival - We went to the carnival but didn't dress up.  The kids had fun playing all the games and I took these pictures in the photo booth area.

Some of the festivies included -- face painting, pumpkin bowling, paying to get people locked in jail, bingo, and other carnival games for candy. We also paid extra for them to go in a black light haunted house area and use a can of silly string to spray each other and the people inside.

10/27/15 - Thurston trying on the hat I made for Jessica's Smee costume (She and Mark are going to be Captain Hook and Smee)

10/28/15 - We had to do our pumpkin carving a bit early this year because we will be at Teri's on Halloween.  We have been watching a lot of Nightmare before Christmas so all of us with the exception of Tasha, who wanted to do Grumpy Cat, did characters from that.  Jake didn't do his own, but helped Thurston and Dantley with theirs.

10/29/15 - Today is Dantley's actual birthday and his preschool Halloween party.
We gave him his birthday present from the family today.  It was a new bike.  I really thought I took pictures and video -- but I can't seem to find them.

Another daily dose of kitten cuteness.  This is Splash peaking out of a box Tamsyn fixed up for the kittens to play in.  We moved them to the middle room bathroom so that they are in one confined space while we are gone.  Tamsyn's friend Savannah Mendenhall is going to come over and take care of them while we are in Colorado.

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