Friday, October 9, 2015


October 1, 2015 - Growing Kittens!

October 2, 2015 - Pink day at the Middle School

Progress on Halloween Costumes.  Dantley didn't want to hold still, so Tamsyn tried on his costume for me.

Teri made a lion costume for Charlee a few years ago when their family dressed as Wizard of Oz characters and she let me use it for the base of Dantley's Scar costume.  I used a black wig we already had and added some of the black fur from the leg warmers I bought to it.  I also added black around the the neck and on the end of the tail, and used a piece of the white fur coat I cut up for Tamsyn's queen of hearts costume to make Scar's white stomach.  I used an old worn out pair of tennis shoes to make the Scar's feet and added white faux fur and cut pieces of pool noodle painted black for claws to both the hands and feet.  I think they turned out great.

We entered this picture in the Goodwill Costume contest and won a mini iPad for first place.  We also entered a picture of Sydnee and Natasha as the step-sisters and got a $50 gift card for 3rd place (That didn't happen until November 2nd or 3rd-- but not sure I took pictures so I am just mentioning it here).

10/5/15 - Another kitten pic!

Family Home Evening -- from Natasha's perspective.

10/6/15 - More costume prep.  Thurston is being Syndrome from the Incredibles.  Vione helped me iron on the S I cut out and then she sewed the edges around it for me, the black body suit we already had from a few years back when Tamsyn was a cat.  I added blue to a black cape and cut a large pool noodle and painted it to make the arm bands.  We bought boots at Goodwill and I painted them white and silver.  I ordered rave gloves online with fingertips that light up.  He could set them to just have blue tips, or flashing colors.

The kittens are getting chubby

10/7/15 - Dean Bonney sent me these pictures of my dad's Hole in One.

10/8/15 - Dantley's preschool had a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  They got to run through a haystack maze, feed some farm animals, climb a hay bale pyramid and pick a pumpkin.  They were allowed to get any pumpkin that they could carry.  We have over 100 orange pumpkins at home, so I told Dantley he should look for a white one.  The only white one he liked was pushing the limit on a size he could carry himself.  He ended up having some help getting it back up on the hayride.

Soren came home with us after the field trip.  I let these two play with my phone and found all sorts of crazy selfies and movies after.

Natasha took a few more when we picked her up.

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