Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September part 3

9/24/15 - Turns out we have 10 roosters and 6 hens.  We tried to save 2 chicks that had messed up legs, but it didn't work and the other bends pecked them so much it was disturbing.  They didn't make it.  One other chicken (we weren't sure if it was a rooster or a hen) got out and was killed by the dogs.  That really made me mad.

The roosters are all pretty aggressive, the biggest one is white and we call him Head Hancho.  It won't be long before we have to get rid of most of them.  (I wish I had got rid of them sooner)

9/24/15 - Jake borrowed bishop Mendenhall's truck and went to Seattle to pick up my shipment of Color Your Own puzzles.  The kids helped us unload them.


9/26/15 - The youth had a service project doing some landscaping at the temple.  Jake took Natasha and due to our busy overlapping Saturday schedule Thurston got to join in too.

After the service project Jake took the Natasha and Thurston to voodoo doughnuts.

9/27/15 - Willow is ready to have kittens any day now!

This evening we went for a drive so we could get a view of the lunar eclipse.  --"The moon will pass into Earth’s shadow producing a total lunar eclipse during the "Supermoon" – a time when the full moon occurs "at or near its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit," according to NASA. Because this full moon happens on the night of the autumnal equinox (9-27-2015), it is also known as the Harvest Moon."credit : NASA/JPL-Caltech

I only got this crappy photo with my phone, but Teri got the amazing one below.

9/29/15 - Willow went to the back corner of the closet in the girls room and had two little kittens.  One is a female and she is black and one  is a male, he is white and grey. The kids decided before the kittens were born that they wanted to name one Quinby, so that is the girl's name.  I got to name the grey and white one (only because the kids liked the name I picked).  We call him Splash.

It seems to me like she is still pregnant and may have another kitten in there, so I research it online.  It sounds like on rare occasions cats have their kittens over the course of  a few days.  So it is possible that there is another one... but after reading that it is also common for people to think there are more kittens coming when really there aren't I start to think that maybe it is just my imagination.

The next day she has a third kitten.  He is all grey and has a bob tail like Willow.  The kids name him Percy.  They have been reading the Percy Jackson books all summer.

9/30/15 - I think Dantley only lasted 30 seconds past when I took this picture.  Harvesting sunflower seeds is tedious work.

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