Sunday, September 20, 2015

More September


9/18/15 - We are considering getting goats, so to test out how well they take down the blackberry bushes we borrowed the Bustad's goats for a few weeks.  My kids loved them and they did alright with the berry bushes, but the dogs got a little aggressive with them so we don't think we will get any for a while.

Canned more pear sauce and pears

9/19/15 - More soccer games.  Thurston really likes playing keeper.  He isn't afraid to dive after the ball.

Dantley is getting slighlty more aggressive (but maybe that is because they were playing the "pink princesses."

Tamsyn is going to harvest her sunflower seeds.  She read online how to harvest them and then clean and bake them.  Her seeds are really small, so I don't think they will be as good as larger seeds would be.

9/21/15 - We picked Dantley's pumpkins today.  They are sure heavy.

Tamsyn caught this bird that was stuck in our garage window.  It couldn't figure out how to get out, so she just calmly climbed up to the window and caught it and then set it free.  We have had quite a few birds in there recently.  I think they come in to get into the chicken feed.

9/22/15 - Julie Richey had a bunch of apples so a bunch of us went over to help her make applesauce and pie filling.  Jen Graham, Vione Graham, Katie Scrivens, Katie Jensen, me and Shana Mendenhall were all there.

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