Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September Days

9/7/15 - The kids finished their summer charts and earned extra money based on what they did and how many extra things they did to help.

9/8/15 - Dantley is ready for his first day of preschool.  We ended up moving him from the Highland Lutheran preschool to Teacher Janet's home preschool.  I was perfectly happy with Highland Lutheran and love the location, but due to a slightly rude letter the school sent out about letting Janet go, quite a few of the other moms who had requested her as their child's teacher and who had older kids who had had her as a teacher were upset and wanted her to open her own preschool.  Dantley's friend Soren was moving to that school, and his mom Lurlyn often helps me with Dantley when I teach art or have a long run and I often take Soren home when she has stuff going on, so that was my decididng factor.

9/9/15 - I went to Molly Huston's and canned apple pie filling with her and her husband Kent.

9/10/15 - Vione Graham and Debbie Devine helped me get a bunch more pumpkin ready to freeze.  We boiled some, baked some and even put some in the pressure cooker so we could be doing as much as possible at at time.

They are still coming!


I ordered an attachment for my kitchen aid that is great for making apple sauce and pear sauce.  Molly gave us a bunch of pears from their trees and we cooked them down and made them into pear sauce.  My kids loved it and they eat it way better than they eat applesauce.

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