Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pumpkin Growing Contest

9/22/15 - We bought a package of giant pumpkin seeds and each kid got to plant 3.  We decided we would see who could grow the biggest/heaviest pumpkin.  We thought Dantley didn't have a chance because he washed 2 of his seeds away when he planted them and only had one pumpkin on his plant, but that one pumpkin grew and grew and he ended up with second place.

Natasha got first with her pumpkin. She had two really large pumpkins.  One was 47.5lbs and one was 42 lbs.

Tamsyn's plants got a late start because once Thurston watered them and I needed to replant them in the soil.  It definitely set them back.  She felt really bad about it, but she had so many great watermelons we tried to remind her that she definitely had a good gardening year.

Thurston got some interesting shaped pumpkins, but they never got very big.

Dantley got second place.  His pumpkin weighed 20.25 lbs.

9/23/15 - Tamsyn saw a pretty bouquet in the store that was inside a pumpkin.  She had heard her teacher talk about how much she liked flowers, so we picked some from our yard and added them to some carnations we bought at the store.

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