Thursday, June 9, 2016

Quick trip to the Beach with Grandma Alyce - April 6, 2016

Wednesday April 6, 2016 - While Jake and Bill were working on the addition to the shop, we decided to take a day trip to Long Beach.  It was a little chilly but still a lot of fun.  Dantley had been asking to fly a kite for weeks, so we brought one.  When we realized it was missing a piece with rigged it with a stick and got it in the air.  After it flew for about 15 minutes all interest was lost and the kids moved on to running back and forth in the ice cold waves.  Then we all played a game of hot box in the sand until too many people complained of sand in their eyes and breaks were needed to go to the bathroom.  We stopped at Cape Disappointment to see about hiking to the light house, but didn't have our parks pass and the hike was a bit more than everyone felt like doing right at that moment, so we just headed home.

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