Friday, January 2, 2015

Flipzles Color Your Own Prototype

I like to keep track of dates for my puzzles so if I ever need to know them for any reason I have them.
This prototype has been a long time in the making because we were so worried about getting the Nativity and Dino Flipzles shipment it ended up getting put on the back burner.  Finally we received it on January 2nd.  The factory sent markers and colored pencils to try with it.  It is hard to make a decision about whether or not to order the puzzles with the markers or not, because of how much it changes the cost.  I like the idea of kids having more than a few colors to work with, or even using colored pencils and markers when they decorate their own, but it is not practical to include both because they come from different suppliers and the cost goes up too quickly.  

When this puzzle arrived all of the kids wanted to color it.  I love it when they are all interested and excited about the new designs.  

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Carola said...

These look fun too