Friday, January 9, 2015

Odds and Ends

When I was looking through Instagram, I noticed that Jessica had posted this picture of Mark and Dantley so I took a screenshot of it because I wanted to have a copy of it :)  They must have taken this the Sunday before Christmas when we were at Natasha's basketball game.

On Monday, January 5th Tamsyn came straight home and did her homework.  Willow climbs up on the table and hangs out right beside her.  It is pretty cute!  Willow just went to the vet for her first time on Friday, January 2nd.  The last time we tried to take her she saw the cat carrier and hid.  She hid so well that we couldn't find her for several hours and had to cancel her bet appointment!  This time we locked her in the bathroom so she couldn't do it again.  The day after I took this picture Tamsyn had to stay home from school because she threw up a couple of times in the night. :(

On Sunday, January 4th all the kids made Thank You cards for Christmas gifts.  Natasha made these really cool cards with different origami animals on each one.  I had to take a picture before cramming them into the envelopes to mail because I thought they were so cute.

On Friday, January 9th Natasha had her orthodontist appointment to get her braces on. She did really well and seems to be adjusting quickly.  I know they are cutting up her lips a bit, but she doesn't really complain and just puts a bit of wax on or has Jake help her.  

 Dantley wanted toget in on the exciting new teeth action too!

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Carola said...

I so much like all of these pictures and the odds and ends of your family life. Glad I can read your blog!