Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Fairy Land Flipzles Design - Patent Pending

I'm pretty excited for this new puzzle design.  I think it will be irresistible to color.  Tamsyn helped me with deciding what the pieces should be.  She also helped with my decision on the interior.  She drew a really detailed drawing inside the mushrooms that made me realize it would be more fun for kids to be able to draw their own furniture than to just color my drawing, so I decided to leave the inside pretty sparse leaving room for creativity.

Here are some pics of the rough sketches and the pieces as I was working on them.

The finished version will have the three layers below -- only cleaned up and sharper.


I sent the vector versions to China on January 11th and should have a prototype back in time for Toy Fair in February.  Jake also helped me apply for Patent Pending for this new type of Flipzles.  We officially filed on January 15th.