Friday, January 2, 2015

G-6 Airpark

Friday, January 2nd

Over break the kids helped around the house and earned money for different chores.  They earned bonuses if they worked together or if they figured out things that needed to be done on their own.
Their goal was to earn $11 each so that we could go to G-6 Airpark in Vancouver.  G-6 is an indoor play area filled with trampolines.  It has a section where you can do tricks into a foam pit, another section for dodgeball, and another section with a basketball hoop.  Natasha invited her friend Katie to come with us. I decided to jump with the kids and Thurston and I did flips into the foam pits together.  I took a video of Natasha and Thurston doing it as well.  We also played a few rounds of dodgeball and Dantley followed Katie around like a puppy. All the kids had a blast and were sad when the hour was up.