Sunday, March 22, 2015

March Madness

To celebrate our 15 wedding anniversary Jake and I got tickets to round 2 and 3 of March Madness in Portland.   Thursday March 19th, I dropped the older kids off at school, did my tempo run at the park and then took Dantley to preschool.  After that Jake and I headed to Portland for the four Thursday games.  We watched Arizona vs. TX Southern (Arizona won by a long ways),  Ohio St vs VCU(Ohio St. won in overtime), Utah vs. Stephen F. Austin (Utah won) and Georgetown vs. Eastern WA.
My friend Meagan went and picked Dantley up from preschool and then they brought him home after the kids got off the bus.  Tasha babysat until we got home.

Tne next morning after dropping the kids off at school and Dantley off with Meagan, Jake and I went shopping for new work clothes for him.  We also went to a running store and had our stride analized to see if we were training in the right types of shoes.  That night we went to eat at Jake's Famous Crawfish in Portland.

Saturday we slept in a bit and then went to the gym -- I had to do a speed workout and Jake ran 3 miles.  We checked out around noon and got lunch then went to a grocery store to get snacks for the nights basketball games.  AZ vs Ohio State was a really fun game to watch with some amazing passing, then Utah vs. Georgetown which was also a great game -- Utah won.

Tamsyn rode the bus home with Savannah Mendenhall and went to their friend Brooklyn's birthday party and then stayed the night and following day with Savannah.

Thurston and Tasha rode the bus home with the Allen kids and joined Dantley who was already at Harris' house playing.  They all stayed the night and next day there.   Thurston had baseball games on Saturday.  We were planning on just having him miss, but his coach wanted him there and his wife drove out to the Allen's to pick him up.  Saturday night we picked Tamsyn up and Tasha texted us saying they were at the house.  Cory wasn't sure if he was supposed to drop them off or wait for us to come get them, so he drove them over.  Luckily we were there a few minutes later so they didn't have to wait long, because I hadn't left keys or any doors unlocked.  They had a great time and we are so thankful that so many people helped out with the kids so Jake and I could have our close proximity get away.

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