Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Misc

The 23rd-27th the kids only had half days of school for parent teacher conferences.  Both Tamsyn's and Thurston's teachers had nothing but positive things to say about them.  Thurston's teacher even got a bit teary eyed talking about him.  She really loves her class this year and can't believe the year is so close to being over already.  Thurston excells at math and reading and is a great little leader in the class, keeping everyone excited about learning.  He is a "thinker" and asks really good questions.  Tamsyn is an amazing reader and writer.  Her teacher used her hands to say -- this is where my high achievers are and then raised her hand even higher and said this is where Tamsyn is.  Her writing is quite impressive. I'll have to post some of her stories sometime soon.  Both kids were students of the month recently.

Tamsyn begged me to follow her into "Terrabinthia" (the trees between our property and the Robison's) so she could show me this cool bogy she made a path too.  Of course she wanted a photo taken too.

Thurston's class is trying to collect post cards from all 50 states.  He made this postcard and I posted it on FB 3/11.  A few weeks later he had collected quite a few!  3/22

My toenails are turning black!!!  Marathon training side effect - yuck

Baseball season underway!  This game was on 3/28

Dantley posing being silly while waiting for preschool to start - 3/31/15

Tasha had a broken wire in her braces so she had to go in to Smiles to have it fixed, which also meant she had to wait with Jake to finish at work before they came home.  She drew him on his whiteboard.

Dog pics 3/5/15

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