Wednesday, August 19, 2015

8/8/15 -8/19/15

On our drive home from Idaho we stopped in Bend so that Natasha could meet up with her team and play in the Bend Soccer Tournament.  The hotel we were going to be in had put us in a smoking room, which was not going to be okay at all, so we had to switch to another hotel, which wasn't super easy due to all the hotels being sold out due to the tournament.  Luckily one of the first places we stopped had set aside a few rooms rather than book them all out in advance and we were able to stay there one night.  After that Natasha ended up staying with Katie and her family for the last night and we headed home, so we missed the championship game.  They won their division.



8/11/15 - The kids finished their summer reading charts from the library and got all of these fun books because of it.

8/13/15 - The summer has been dryer than usual around here, which has meant that Tamsyn's watermelons have done way better than we expected.  They just keep coming and we just keep enjoying them.

8/13/15 - We attended a bbq at Lewisville park for all the participants in Pure Advantage basketball summer training.

8/15/15 - Ugh -- my pumpkins were covered with these tiny disgusting bugs and the plants are dying!
I went in to the local nursery and asked if they new what they were and they didn't know, but I got some oil spray to try and kill them.  The pumpkins weren't harmed through the skin, but it made the plants die too early.  So we had to harvest early.  I think next year we need to plant our pumpkins in a different location.

8/16/15 - More Melons!



8/19/15 - Savannah and Tamsyn made some mini cake balls with Tamsyn's easy bake oven and then enjoyed some super yummy watermelon

Tamsyn also was the one to choose and plant these sunflowers.  She has been amazing at helping with the garden this year.  She is a little green thumb.

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