Sunday, August 2, 2015

Soda Springs

8/2/15 - After cleaning up camp we planned on visiting my Grandma Putnam in Star Valley, WY, but we had some time to kill first, so we took the kids to a couple of the springs.  Our first stop was Hooper Springs Park.

Hooper Springs Park

Free, clear sparkling soda water is still available in a beautiful Soda Springs city park located two miles north from the center of town.

We tasted the water, but it tasted a bit like copper pennies and no one actually drank any accept for maybe Jake.  The kids played at the park for a while and we walked around.

After that, we stopped at Octagon Spring park.  The water there tasted a bit different and the spring was smaller. From there we started to drive to Star Valley.  About a half hour or more into our drive Natasha realized that she had left her iPod somewhere.  We didn't think it made sense to turn around right then, so we decided we would stop and look for it later in the day on our way back through Soda Springs on our way to Malad.  We stopped at both places later that day.  It wasn't at Hooper, but fortunately when we pulled into Octagon Spring Park we saw it sitting on a picnic table by the parking lot.  That isn't where Natasha had left it, so we assume that some nice person found it out in the park somewhere and figured we'd be back for it, so put it in the shade where we'd see it. What a relief!

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