Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lewis Family Reunion

The Lewis Family Reunion was held at a girls camp called Camp Ho-Nok outside of Soda Springs, Idaho.  Dave and Michelle were in charge and they made it a lot of fun.

We drove from Woodland to Idaho on July 30th.  At the rest stop Thurston requested I take a picture of him.

Friday July 31, 2015

After dinner there was a mini talent show.  Thurston showed everyone the hula hoop routine he did for the talent show (wasn't quite as good on the bumpy ground). Tamsyn sang "Teach Me to Walk in the Light" in spanish, Gracie and Elly sang a song, and Brooklyn did a magic trick.  Dantley wanted to show everyone he could do American Ninja Warrior pushups, and Seth's daughter did sign language to a song.

Saturday, August 1, 2015 - Saturday was a super busy day.  We used a large open field by a local stake center and played soccer in these giant bubble things.  The kids also used them to roll down the hill in.

Michelle also brought an air compressor and the kids made rockets and shot them into the air.

I think Jake and Helen were seeing who could spit a watermelon seed the farthest.

In the afternoon we went to Lava and floated the river.  We all started at different times and were staggered.  I think we were the last to get in, but we passed Monte who kept getting stuck on rocks.  When we got to the bottom and waited a while, Bonnie was concerned that he hadn't made it back.  Dave and his boys had already started their second run and saw some commotion on the side and realized it was around Monte.  He had hit his head after a rapid and had been pulled out of the water.  That was  definitely scary, but luckily other than that there were no problems and the kids had a blast, going twice down the crowded river.

Brooklyn, Tamsyn and Elly all stayed in the same tent and giggled most of the night.

Sid wasn't there -- so Spencer stood in his place in case we ever decide to photoshop Sid in.

Gracie and Natasha wanted their tent off away from everyone elses and also wanted their own fire.  One of Nicona's little girls also stayed with them.

That night we watched a movie.  Dave and Michelle had a popcorn machine and all sorts of candy.

The next morning after breakfast we cleaned up the camp and packed up.

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