Thursday, August 6, 2015

Visit with Grandpa Alder

8/3/15 - We had a great time at Grandpa Alders!

Puzzle time

The kids love to find and point out wasp nests for grandpa to spray

Con and Jean drove up for dinner and brought Brian and Lindsay's daughter McKenzie who was staying with them for a while.

Thurston once again performed his hula hoop routine, and then all the kids tried to do tricks with the hula hoops.  Natasha and Thurston taught some of their tricks to McKenzie and then we played come to my dungeon for a while.

8/4/15 - Where Tamsyn is… if there is a cat… she will find it.

Natasha tried on this dress.

 "The dress belonged to Freelove Miller Hammond.  She was the daughter of William and Elmira Miller.  She was born July 24, 1845 near Carthage, Illinois.  She came west in 1852.  She was a 2nd wife to Milton Datus Hammond.  She is the mother of Ella Freelove Campbell."    Freelove is Con Alder's great grandmother.  So Natasha's 4th great.

The girls had the Lewis Tea Party, so Jake and Bill took the boys on a hike.They hiked up Powerhouse and helped Thurston pass off some things in his cub scout book.

A little hail storm

8/5/15 - Bill took Jake and Natasha on a mule ride up on the Malad Divide.

The kids made their own shapes of pizzas with Grandma Alyce

I am pretty sure Tamsyn's says "I love kittens"

Jon and his dog were there for a bit while we were there.  He got stuck in Idaho Falls with some car trouble on his way down.

Jake and the kids had their long awaited canned Whipped Cream Fight.  I opted out in the name of --I needed to be clean to take pictures of the action.

8/6/15 - Hugs and goodbyes

As we headed out we stopped up on the divide so Jake could help Bill fix the temporary fence for the mules.  Jake got stepped on… and it split his favorite flip flops.

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