Sunday, July 17, 2016

April 20 - Pics For Sharesa

Wednesday, April 20th Dantley and I stopped in for a few hours to visit a Sharesa Larsen and take some pictures for her.  She is close friends with a few of the ladies that I run with. My friend Meagan came for the first part of the visit as well.  She took the picture of Dantley pushing the girl on the swing with her phone before she left.   I talked to Dantley about the situation before we arrived.  Sharesa has very aggressive cancer and is receiving treatment.  I explained to Dantley that I needed his help and asked him to be on his best behavior.  He was SO good the entire visit.  He helped me get the baby to smile, he played nicely with the kids and when we left he told me that he really liked Sharesa's head.  He truly thinks bald is beautiful.  We know this because he is constantly talking about how much he likes Jake's bald head and has asked us to cut his hair that way many times.

These are a few of the photos I took.  Sharesa wanted me to try and capture a few of them simply doing everyday things.  I also took some individuals of the kids.  Who could resist those gorgeous little faces.

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