Sunday, July 17, 2016

April 25, 27 - 29

April 25 - Dantley had his Dr. appointment to get his kindergarten shots.  He did great.  After seeing Hawthorne get his shots at the vet without flinching he was determined to be tough.  I'm sure he will hate these pictures of himself in the hospital (napkin is what Tasha calls them) paper gown when he gets older.

Another T-ball game in the books!  They take forever, but Dantley seems to have fun.  He can hit the ball pretty far off the Tee.

We found out that Tamsyn's bookmark won the entire region and will be printed for the summer reading program in a month or so!  I think it was well deserved.  Her creativity and handwork made for a super cute, unique bookmark.

April 28
Just a few random shots of Dantley playing with the dogs.  Veisha seems to be photobombing.

We  are down to just two kittens and the Russell's are going to adopt Ash (they plan on calling him Bosco).

I took a picture of these two books as I returned them to the library because it seemed like just a few days before I had picked them up for Tamsyn.  She reads so much and fast.

April 28 - Once again I got an unexpected call from Shark Tank.  I called back prepared and made it on to the video round.  My hopes are not high, as I know how this goes, in fact I am sort of tempted not to even spend the time making a video because it takes a lot of time to fill out the giant stack of paperwork and do the video editing, but I guess it is worth a shot.

April 29 - Jake and I went up to Kent where he had a meeting about a potential job.  They wanted me to come up to see the offices and for dinner to eat with the CEO and her husband.  Not my kind of fun, but I went to support Jake.  When we got back I went to check on the kids and found Hawthorne sleeping on Natasha's feet.

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