Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pentatonix Concert - April 26

When I bought the tickets for Pentatonix online I thought I was buying good seats.  I bought them right after they went on sale for Amex card holders.  It looked to me like I was picking seats, well, I found out at the concert that they had reconfigured the seating arrangement when the tickets went on sale to the public and that we had general admission floor tickets.  So we had to go in a special door --which we found out after spending at least 30 minutes in the wrong line, and by the time we got our wristbands and went in, we were a few row of people back from the stage.  But determined to be somewhat close we found the best angle we could and stood for the next 80 minutes or so to keep our place.

A young singer we have never heard of -- and to tell the truth weren't all that impressed with was the first opening act.  His name was AJ Lehrman... I had to look it up, because I didn't remember.

The second opening act was this cute married couple called Us the Duo.  They were super talented and we really enjoyed their show.

Finally after what seemed like hours of standing (our backs were beginning to hurt) and an argument with a crazy loud lady -- This group had come in behind us and one of the girls probably in her 20s kind of twisted and turned until she was in front of us separate from her group.  We didn't have any problems with her really, but I did have a huge problem with the lady in her 30s that was with her that "held her spot" while she went to the bathroom and then pulled the girl up with her pushing Natasha out of her spot and standing right in front of her when she came back.  So I called her out on it and didn't back down because I was in the right, this obnoxious lady had just rudely moved my 14 year old out of her spot and was proud of herself for it.  She tried to say they were there before us and blah blah blah, but everyone around us knew we were there and she kept saying things like she just didn't care and I said, that was obvious, she also told me I was embarrassing my daughter. I said standing up for my daughter wasn't embarrassing her and that she was embarrassing herself.  Finally the people next to us rearranged so Tasha could still see and we ended up with a decent view.  I think Natasha was surprised that it appeared I was almost going to get in a fight.  I guess she hasn't seen me in too many situations where I feel the need to stand up for something.  In this case it was for her.  These crazy crowds and pushy people are why I tried to get actual seats in the first place....Pentatonix came on stage.

All the craziness and standing was worth it.  The show was Amazing and we loved it!

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