Sunday, July 31, 2016

May 6, 2016 Natasha's Birthday Party

Natasha got to have a sleepover birthday party this year.  It was tough finding a day that worked, so it ended up being a couple weeks after her actual birthday.

She and her friends had a glow in the dark party up at the gym.  They opened glow sticks and splattered them on the walls, which freaked me out because I was worried they were going to get it in their eyes and all over the gym floor.  (Katie and Tasha did both get some in their eye.  I flushed Katie's eye with lots and lots of water in the kitchen sink, and then they were fine and went back to playing).

Abby, Consuelo, Tasha, Katie, Ashlyn, Sophia and Ally

Natasha wanted mint chocolate chip ice-cream cake with oreo crust, so I made two pans of it which the girls ate in two sittings.  After dinner and cake, Jake went to bed and I talked the rest of them into playing Come to My Dungeon. Even Tamsyn, Thurston and Dantley got to play.  We played it in the house and put the bean-bag in the middle of the living room to be used as the dungeon so you could see it from upstairs as well as downstairs.  We played for several hours.  It was so much fun that the girls played it again the next morning.