Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2016 Track Meets and Records

Natasha has been having a great track season.  After running a 5:58 on May 6th, she ran the 1600 in 5:53 on the 11th, 5:57 on the 13th and then today she skimmed by the school record by one hundredth of a second by running 5:48.09.  I think the school record is recorded as 5:48.10.  We think it may have actually been a tie, as the website rounds up the times, but the coaches marked her down as 5:48.09.  Either way we are so impressed with the effort she has put in to achieve this goal.

Natasha and Emily after the 1600.  They were both so exhausted.  Tasha ended up pulling out of the 800 because her ankle was really hurting after running the 1600 for the first time in her spikes.

This season she also ran the 800.  Here are her times in that - May 6- 2:57, May 11 - 2:50, May 13 - 2:49.  She also tried the high jump at a few meets, but never could quite clear the opening height so her coaches had her switch and do the long jump.  She jumped 9'10.5

Tamsyn also had a meet today in Ridgefield.

Today was the anniversary of Mt. St. Helens erupting (it erupted on May 18, 1980). It was interesting to think about that while we could see the mountain looming in the background.

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