Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day - May 10th 2015

The day started out with Jake and the kids bringing me breakfast... here is a picture of it.

I told Jake that I would like to get a new tree every mother's day and have him and the kids plant it.  This was the first year, but I hope that it becomes a lasting tradition.

This year they got me a male kiwi plant because our other one died and we need both in order to have fruit.  We have had a bit of trouble keeping the kiwi plants we have happy, so hopefully this one thrives. They got it and planted it for me yesterday.

Tamsyn gave a talk in primary at church.  She always does a great job.

It was a beautiful afternoon on Sunday and the kids played outside nicely together.  I got these pictures of them all dressed up prancing around the chicken coop!

Later we went for a walk and as we passed by one of our neighbor's houses we saw a sign up that said "Free Kittens."  My friend Molly had mentioned just the week prior that they would love to get some outdoor cats because they have a huge mouse problem.  I texted her and she said they would love 2 - so Jake and the kids went and picked them up and we took them to Molly.

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