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May 27, 2016 -Talent Show and Art Show

La Center's Got Talent

Today was the school talent show.  Both Tamsyn and Thurston tried out over a month ago and they both made it so they have been practicing every week.  There was a show for the school in the afternoon and then one for the community tonight.

Thurston did a hula hoop routine to a mix of music that Natasha put together for him.  He did pretty well at the school show, but knocked it out of the park at the community show.  I don't think he made one mistake and he even added a few things.  He was really working the crowd.  It was great.  Sometimes I just watch the video of it if I need to smile.  If you search Thurston Hula Hoop routine on youtube you can watch it :)   Natasha and her friend Katie Nelson were his assistants.  They handed him the hoops he needed and tossed all of the hoops on him at the very end.

There were a few dances, a few songs, two kids played piano including Tamsyn's friend Savannah Mendenhall.  Antother girl read some poetry.

One boy did karate (or Taekwondo -- I can't remember which),  and some boys a year younger than Thurston demonstrated wrestling moves.

Tamsyn's was unique because she did a shadow puppet show of an original fable she wrote about an elephant and a rhino.

Here are the words to it --
The Elephant and the Rhino
A fable by Tamsyn Lewis

There once was an elephant and a rhino.  They were very good friends.  One day they decided to go on a journey together. They had heard of a beautiful place that had so much food that they would be fed everyday for the rest of their lives,if they stayed. There were banana trees, apple trees, big tall trees with fat juicy mangos --- they had heard from some birds that there was even said to be a fancy-scmancy mud spa -- the birds had said that the mud spa was slightly disappointing to them because there were no worms.  But Rhino and Elephant who were both delighted at the thought of a cool and squishy mudbath - actually preferred their mud wormless.

As they were nearing this wonderful land, they came to a HUGE raging river.  The only way across was a narrow bridge. It was obvious that only one of the heavy creatures would be able to cross at a time.

Elephant stepped up to the foot of the bridge and said,
“I have decided that I will cross the bridge first!”

Rhino got angry and yelled back,
“That’s not fair!  I think that I should be the one to cross the bridge first!”

Elephant- It was my idea!
Rhino- No it wasn’t!  The birds told me!
Elephant-you were first on our last adventure!
Rhino- But that was in my backyard!

And on and on it went, Elephant trumpeting and stomping his feet and Rhino snorting and charging about.

Suddenly as they stormed and yelled charged about, one of them, it might have been both kicked out and crashed down on the foot of the bridge.


Moments later both of the animals jumped back and watched as the bridge (the only way to get to soothing mud spa and delicious fruit) came crashing down into the deep, wild river below. Now they would never get to soak in the mud spa or eat the wonderful fruit.

The Moral of the story is....


Another favorite act was done by two 4th grade girls who did a dance called evolution of music in the dark with glowsticks attached to their black clothes.  It looked like glow in the dark stick figures and was a lot of fun.  The finale was a 5th grader who sang "Happy."  Towards the end, all of the kids pulled out happy face signs and held them in front of their faces.

After the talent show we stopped in at the Middle School art show.  Natasha took one semmester of Art this year, so she had a few pieces in the show.

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