Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning

Excited kids waiting to come down the stairs...

Natasha got a phone from me and Jake, black converse hightops with a bit of sparkle from Tamsyn.  She also got a new rain jacket, a cozy blanket and a mug, lots of nike socks, a stamp carving kit, a flat iron, running pants, headbands, sweatshirt, movie and a coloring book and markers.

Skyping grandma Alyce and Grandpa Bill

Mark and Jess gave us a cool humming bird feeder.  I snapped this pic to send to them to say thank you.

Tamsyn got a  science kit from Thurston and a new coat and coloring book from me and Jake.  She also got a sled, more books, a gardening stool and tools, face paint, gloves, a blanket and mug as well as some pet teeth wipes.

Dantley set his stuff up himself for this picture and then he helped me set it up again when it was his turn in front of the Christmas tree.

He got a suitcase from me and jake and the cool light up Harry Potter wand he is holding from Natasha.  We just had the kids draw names this year and give one nice thing to one person rather than each of them getting something for everyone.  He also got a sweatshirt and sweatpants, a blanket, mug, legos, a remote control car and a plasma car.

Thurston got a magic kit from me and Jake and spy gear from Dantley.  He also got a plasma car, a blanket, mug, BB gun, sweatshirt, scarf, pants, belt and a Trailblazers jersey.
All the kids and Jake and I also got money from Grandpa Alder, Alyce and Bill, and my mom and dad. Grandma Helen and Hy sent the new movie Cinderella.

The whole family got a new bean bag that can convert into a bed.

Testing out the new BB gun

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