Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lovell Visit part 1

We drove to Lovell on December 26th.  It is a long drive so not much more to say than that we stopped and tried to buy the kids snow boots somewhere in Montana.  We only found some for Tamsyn and Thurston.

On the 28th we went ice fishing with my mom and dad.  They had already been up a few times and had had great luck, so we were hoping for the same.  It started a bit slow, but by the end of the day there were lots of bites and kids pulling up fish by themselves.

We drove to Sunshine Reservoir outside of Meeteetse, Wyoming.  It is the same place we went  a couple years back.

Does anyone else smell fish just by looking at this picture?
My mom taught me how to fillet the fish and we filleted all of them (well she works 4 times as fast as me, but I did a few).  We ate fish several times.  SO DELICIOUS!! and my dad also brought some to a friend who like to smoke fish.  We tasted the smoked fish and I couldn't even finish the bite I took.  yuck

I took this evidence that dad sometimes is the one to lose Hearts out of the garbage after he wadded it up and threw it away.

On the 29th we drove up the Bighorns in search of a place to test out Tamsyn's new sled.  We didn't find the most ideal spot, but it ended up being a lot of fun.

The kids got a little out of control and went off the path -- they fell down a drop off and I screamed because I knew there were really big rocks below.  Luckily they were fine.  Yikes!

We sent my dad this puzzle for his birthday or Father's day (I can't remember which) -- he and mom had started when we arrived and we helped finish it.

Mom tries to practice guitar every evening.  She has improved so much in the few years that she has played.  We had fun singing old folk songs and a few Eagles and Beatles songs with her.


Mom taught Natasha, Allie and Sydney how to make bread.

Tamsyn worked on the second puzzle we had started while they baked, then it was her turn to cook with grandma.

Jake and Kyle took Thurston and Tallon outside to shoot their BBguns.  I didn't brave the cold to go take any pictures.

Tamsyn's turn!
Grandma's Peanut Brittle is the best there is.

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