Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tamsyn's Birthday

12/16/15 - It was a busy day and I wasn't sure how I was going to get Tamsyn's cake made.  I knew she just wanted it decorated a certain way with strawberries, so I decided to do something I had never done before and buy a cake from the local baker.  It had smooth chocolate on the top so I thought it would be perfect to add strawberries to.  It was way faster than making my own and I was hoping it would taste better too, but when we ate it I realized that something was wrong.  I had specifically asked about hazel nuts at the bakery because one of the ingredients said chocolate truffle and I was a bit concerned about what that exactly meant.  They told me there was no hazel nut, but after eating a few bites of cake I knew that they had to be wrong because I started to have a reaction.  I hoped it would just go away and that I hadn't eaten enough to matter, but it kept getting worse and as it was getting close to time to take Tamsyn's friend Sydney home I told Jake I needed a blessing and wanted it to be two priesthood holders.  We called our home teacher, but he wasn't home so we called bishop Mendenhall.  He was home so we stopped there on our way to La Center. I was shakey and feeling terrible.  He and Jake gave me a blessing and I had already taken 2 Benadryl.  I started to feel better and after we dropped Sydney off we drove home and I took a bath and felt much better.

Tamsyn loved her cake and was super excited when we surprised her with a two african dwarf frogs and a new fish tank.

Sydney gave Tamsyn a spirograph and scratch art boards, Grandma Alyce and Grandpa Bill gave her a turtle shirt and money to save,  Grandma and Grandpa Hyde sent socks and birthday money,  Dantley helped pick out the frogs and the castle inside the tank, Thurston got her a crystal mining kit and Natasha gave her leggings and new shirt (that had been sent to us by mistake with lots of other stuff from JC Penney -- I had called and let them know about the mistake and they told me I could keep it or donate it, so we kept a Nike sweatshirt that fit Tasha and this outfit that fit Tamsyn and donated a couple of other things).

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