Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lovell Part 2

12/30/15 - Tallon got this giant thing for Christmas.  I'm not really sure what it is or what it is called, but they call it a giant potato chip.  It took 4 people to take it apart to be able to move it downstairs.  It is a miracle to me that Santa and his wife got it put together all by themselves on Christmas Eve.

Tasha took a video of her and Sydnee playing on it.  These are still shots from the video.

12/31/15 - News Years Eve morning Jake, Teri and I took some of the kids to the track so Natasha could do some speedwork.  They had all stayed up really late and were exhausted, but Natasha powered through the cold and finished her workout.  In the afternoon we spent a couple hours at the pool.  Ashlee is a lifeguard there, so she didn't get to get in and play until Gerry got there and could lifeguard for a while too.  Teri came up with the idea that it would be fun to have the kids jump off the diving board and catch a ball.  She was right.  They had a blast.  It started out as a competition, but I don't think anyone really kept score (other than maybe Thurston who was really concerned about losing to Justee…  He could catch it almost every time, but would lost it when he hit the water, and they were supposed to keep hold of it the whole time.  I tried it once off the high dive but that was enough water up the nose for me.

These photos are still shots taken from video I took with our phones.

After the pool, we went to mom and dad's house and Jennifer and Rob were there with their kids to play games until midnight.  We had dinner and ate pie.

The 4 girls did each other's hair for about 4 hours -- between them that is a lot of thick hair.  The younger girls watched a movie out on the covered porch area, while the boys ran around and tried to bother everyone.  Dad and Kyle lazed in the living room and the rest of the adults worked on puzzles or played games in the family room

When the girls finally had their hair finished it was time for a photo.  We try to get one everytime the four of them are together, and try to keep them in the same order.  The lighting was terrible, I wish we had another time to take a picture during the day.

After the photos were finished the long awaited (by Thurston) game of Monopoly was finally started. All the girls wanted to play, so there wasn't room for me -- darn :)  Jake taught them a lesson on how to play and have no mercy on cute curly haired girls.

Pictures Natasha took in Lovell

We spent New Years day playing basketball for a few hours at the high school gym.  We played a lot of full court 3 on 2  as well as some other drills and then scrimmaged for a while.  Me, Jake, Ashlee and Rob were on a team vs.  Teri, Justin, Gerry and Kyle.  Our team won.  The kids scrimmaged too -- pretty sure whatever team Sydney was on won.  She is quite a good little player.  We spent the afternoon packing and left early on the 2nd to drive home.

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