Sunday, April 17, 2016


We had a great New Years celebration in Lovell.  We started off the year by playing basketball at the Lovell gym.  Teri lead all sorts of fun games and then we scrimmaged adults on one end and kids on the other at the end.  The next day we headed home in the morning.

This little monkey went a little overboard with the bath soap while he was filling the tub.

Natasha modeling her new shoes that Tamsyn got her for Christmas.

For our Beehive class activity we tied fleece blankets.  These are for new Beehives when they turn 12.
Chloe Powers
Wren Darling

Big Al's Bowling
Jake took the kids out for a bowling night.  Natasha was at a friend's house so she missed it, and I stayed home to get caught up on some things around the house.

Tasha was planning on going to the mall with Ashlyn, but they ended up staying in La Center.
Johnny Darienzo, Ashlyn Macho, and Natasha

1/9/16 - Tamsyn and Thurston both had basketball practice in the morning.  After practice, Hazel came home with Tamsyn to play for a while.  They decided to try out Tamsyn's new face paint that she got for Christmas.  Dantley was the lucky guinea pig... or should I say cute puppy.

1/12/16 - I am including pictures off of Tasha's phone as well (obviously not all of them as that would take a whole book in itself -- but a few to capture her 8th grade experience.)
Katie Nelson, Natasha, Ashlyn Macho, Sofia Clinton

1/13/16 - I found this sign on the boy's bedroom door. I guess they really don't want Tamsyn to come in -- hehe.

Thurston's cub scout pack made a model of the town of La Center a long time ago.  Thurston was given this store/post office to put together.  

After he was done putting it together he got to go to a Blazer's game with Jake.  

1/14/16- Dantley's friend Soren came to play after preschool today.  I heard some really loud noises from clear across the house.  When I went up to investigate I found that they had been banging the little wooden chairs on the ground --trying and succeeding to break them.  Grrr I wasn't very happy.

Ashlyn Macho, Natasha, Ally England

Mia Edwards, Ashlyn Macho, Cailyn Broten, Sofia Clinton, Quinn Wiseman, Natasha, Abby Banholzer

1/16/15 - My friend from High School Roberta Miller reached out to me a while back and asked me to paint a colorful version of her dogs.  She has cancer and these two keep her company.  She got the little one Jasper as a therapy dog.  I painted the background in chalk paint so words or sayings could be added and erased.   I sent her some puzzles to donate to children in the hospital with it.

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