Sunday, April 17, 2016


This is another thing I found while going through my mission journal and mission scriptures. It is a photo of Enrique Ochoa, I taught his mom and am friends with her on Facebook, so I snapped a quick picture of it and sent it to her.

2/4/16- For our Beehive activity I taught the girls how to draw portraits. They did a great job, but we were finished a little early.

2/5/16- So for the past few weeks we have been debating what to do with our one last rooster.  We started with 10 roosters and 6 hens (after a few casualties of weak ones and one that was killed by the dogs)... Anyway, the roosters were pecking out all of the hen's feathers and just too loud and too rambunctious. When I had had enough I took a few to the auction down the road that happens every Thursday.  I took a few more every couple of weeks until we were down to just one.  Well, this rooster started attacking the kids when they came near.  He pecked and clawed Tamsyn, scratched Dantley -- and kept crowing at all hours of the day an night.  I was ready to wring his neck myself.  Then today I asked Thurston to go give the chickens some leftover vegetables and the next thing I knew he was running up the hill without his boot all the way to the back door.  I guess when he opened the coop door that dang rooster charged out at him and chased him right out of his boots. Jake happened to be home from work and that was it for him.  He marched straight out with an ax and that was the end of that rooster.  The boys helped him pluck it and I read that you should let it hang or sit a certain way for a few days before eating it.  So I put it in the freezer that way for a few days and then we had rooster alfredo.

I got out of plucking the rooster because I was getting ready to head to a Favorite things party at Shana Mendenhall's house.  I brought puzzles and gift certificates for photography, and I brought home a lot of essential oil mixes and some drywall sandpaper to use to clean my sinks.

The most exciting game of the season for my team was against a Woodland team.  They all averaged about a head taller than us, and we were all worried they were going to destroy us.  This is what I posted on FB about it

So proud of my 5/6th girls basketball team today 
🏀 I think they averaged about 8 inches shorter than the Woodland team we played today but they fought hard and I think surprised everyone in the stands when they won 

And... just because ... they are so cute!

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Was happy to find you had posted more on your blog. Always enjoy reading it.