Wednesday, April 27, 2016

February Part 3

2/21/16 - Jake flew out for Marina Del Rey for a CFO summit. He sent this picture of his view.  He will be back on the 23rd.

Veisha cuddling with Natasha

2/22/16 - This may be the grossest thing you will see in a long time, but I had to take pictures of it because I have never seen anything like it.  There was a corner in the garage where a couple of weeks ago I saw that the one of the dogs had pooped.  I was heading out the door and meant to clean it up when I got home, well I completely forgot about it.  Then today I saw a black shadow when I went back there to get something and remembered the mess I needed to clean up.  I opened the garage door and was shocked to find this living very creepy thing.  I researched to see if I could figure out what it was.  I think it is Phycomyces is a genus of fungus.  Then I took some bleach and cleared it out of there!

A little mishap of the day.  Little brother lost his temper at the park when the kids were playing and went on the attack.  He had a big talking to after leaving these marks on his sister.

2/23/16 - Dantley hand feeding the chickens.

Natasha and Katie … there are probably at least 1,000 more of these on their phones.

Kittens were born late at night on the 23rd.  Tamsyn came running into the room where Jake and I were watching tv and told us that she was certain that Willow's plug had come out and that there was some sort of bubble coming.  The kittens were on the way!  We cleared a spot for her in the closet, which was where she wanted to be.  She also didn't want us peeping in, so we gave her some privacy.  By morning we were surprised that she had had 6 kittens!  Seemed like an awful lot for such a small mamma.

Preschool field trip to Lewis River Dental and Sadie & Josie's Bakery.
The kids got to sit in the dentist chair while he counted their teeth, then one of the dental assistants talked to them about taking care of their teeth and the proper way to brush.  After that it was only fitting for us to go to the local bakery so the kids could have a cookie.

At the bakery they got to see how the bread machine mixes the dough and then how another machine makes loaves just the right size.  They also saw the ovens and some decorating tips before enjoying a yummy cookie.

2/26/16 - Six little kittens.  It appears there are 5 boys and 1 girl.  We have been having all sorts of discussions on what we should call them.

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