Sunday, April 17, 2016

January Part 2

1/16/16 - I ordered some new frosting tips.  Some for painting and some for using for cakes.  The kids wanted to test them out, so Natasha made cupcakes.

1/18/16 - There was no school today because it was Martin Luther King Day.  Jake took the day off and we all went skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows. It was Dantley's first day skiing, and he took to it no problem.

1/20/16 -  Grandma Alyce and Grandpa Bill gave the kids an Amaryllis bulb to plant and see bloom.  I think we planned it a bit late for it to bloom in time for Christmas, but it stayed in bloom for a quite a while.

1/23/16 - Jake coached Thurston's team with Jeromy Dixson this year.  They had a really good group of boys and won most of their games.  Here Thurston is running a give and go.

1/25/16 - Scotty on Tasha's back

This was our scripture for the month.  We are trying to learn a few scriptures throughout the yea.  I think Jake picked this one, and it is also the Young Women's scripture theme for the year.

 We put it on our phone screen so we see it frequently.

1/27-29/16 - On my 40th birthday I wrote down 40 things I want to do in my 40th year.  One was to read my mission journal and another one was to read Jake's mission journal.  It has been such an amazing experience to read both of them.  I found stories that I had forgotten about and read other experiences that were testimony builders.  This is one of the stories that happened to my MTC companion that was really amazing.

I took a picture of this entry and texted it to my mom because I thought it was funny.

This was a sketch I found in my journal of my trainer Hermana Chirino.

I would definitely recommend going back and reading your mission journal to anyone who hasn't done it in a while.  Definitely a spiritual boost that I needed.

1/29/16 - There was no school today because it was a Teacher's Work Day.  The kids asked if they could go ice skating but it wasn't open, so we decided to go to G6 Airpark.  We picked Katie Nelson up to go with us.  This was the view at her house when we stopped there to get her.

Dantley is fearless -- he was doing some sort of twisting flip.

1/31/16 - A last picture of the Amaryllis before we cut it.

Dantley was supposed to go to his friend Baker's house today for a birthday party, they even moved the time for him so he could go after church... but he woke up with a fever and had to stay home.  He was feeling pretty crumby and slept all day.  We set up a time the following week for Baker to come to our house to play.  It was a bit crazy because shortly after he got her he was acting a bit sad and told me he wanted to go home.  I knew his mom and dad were both at work, and I was going to be meeting his babysitter when I picked the other kids up from school so I was hoping to extend a bit longer to not make his mom have to change the arrangements with the babysitter.  Finally I got the boys to agree that we would go to the park by the school before his babysitter came.  On the drive in I asked if it was ok if I stopped at the store because I needed some spray for my fruit trees.  We walked into Tsugawa's and Baker started throwing up all over the floor.  I grabbed a nearby cardboard box for him.  I had no idea he had been feeling sick, I thought he just wanted to go home because he hadn't been to our house before.  Instead it was that he felt so yucky he couldn't play, so he wanted to go home.  The nice ladies at Tsugawa's swept in and cleaned up the mess.  Gave me a box with a bag in it in case we had a problem on the drive and I bought my spray and headed for the school and to call Baker's mom.  Hopefully we have better luck next time we plan a play date.

Natasha has been baking a lot -- she says it isn't that she like to bake, she just likes to eat baked goods.

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