Tuesday, April 19, 2016

February 2016 Part 2

2/9/16 - Jake made Mongolian food for Lunar New Year.

2/10/16 - Dantley getting his Valentine's ready for preschool.  He and Thurston gave their classmates message in a bottle valentines and Tamsyn got prank nut cans that a whistling snake thing pops out when you open the lid.  Dantley gave one of the nut cans to his teacher.  He is getting good at writing his name and did a great job writing all the other names too.

2/12/15- Dantley helped me make sugar cookies.  Our yearly Valentine's day tradition.  We made some extras for Jake to take to his home teaching families.

When the kids got home from school they helped us frost and decorate all of them.

2/13/15- I snapped this picture right before our game to show the height difference we normally have in games.  This game was against the other La Center team.  They went undefeated this season.  Their team wasall 6th graders and one 5th grader -- we had all 5th graders and one 6th grader.  I am hoping we get to keep the same team next year so we are mostly sixth graders -- and a few growth spurts would be nice.

2/15/16 We went on a hike with the Kissingers on President's day since there was no school.  We all crammed into one car and headed out to the Columbia River Gorge.  Dantley was getting a bit carsick so we made a pit stop at the Vista House.  My kids and I had never been there before.

 The Vista House was built in 1917 on one of the most beautiful scenic points on the Historic Columbia River Highway. It was constructed to provide travelers a place to rest and refresh themselves as they made their way down the magnificent Columbia River Gorge

We then proceeded to drive past White Salmon and hiked the Catherine Creek Trail.

Tamsyn surprised us when her head popped out of the hole in the tree.

The kids said that the edge past here reminded them of the hill in The Princess Bride -- where the man in black rolls down and says "As you wish"

Catherine Creek Arch

It was so nice to drive far enough east to get out of the rain and have a nice sunny day.  On our way home we stopped in Battle Ground and got frozen yogurt.


Willow is ready to have her kittens any day.  I think she is bigger this time than last time.
Blue and Gold Banquet

Skit - One character asks what each boy has been doing.  They respond with things like -- I was throwing skittles in the lake, I fed skittles to a bear, I stepped on skittles etc.  Thurston said I smashed skittles with a hammer.  Then at the very end, a boy who is all disheveled  with clothes a mess and hair a mess comes out and says "I'm Skittles"

Thurston received a big golden egg for winning the egg drop they did a few weeks ago.

These pictures are from some video that Sofia Clinton took of Tamsyn during the game.  She got great footage of Tamsyn making two different layups.  She also got a great video of her sister Grace making a 3 pointer (the only one anyone ever shot all season).

Tamsyn made both of these shots.

My team gave me this after the game :)  best coaches gift card ever!

3rd/4th grade basketball

I also took some family pictures for my friend Brandi on the 20th.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Hey mom! Take a picture of me.

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